FEETUP: let’s learn to upside down!

Do you know what the Feetup is? 

It’s an object similar to a small stool with a wooden frame. Its top is covered by a soft padded cushion with an opening in the center for the head to pass through. 

The Feetup is a valid tool for training your arms, back and abs without burdening the neck. It’s perfect for strengthening muscles, working on flexibility and approaching inversions with confidence. 

It gradually prepares the body to perform inversions without support, offering in the meantime all the benefits of standing upside down without creating neck or shoulders compression. 

Speaking of standing upside down, why are “inverted” positions particularly popular in Yoga? 

The so-called inversions have many benefits, including the following ones: 

– facilitating venous and lymphatic return, they improve blood circulation. As soon as you are in position you’ll feel your legs get pleasantly lighter and the feeling of swelling going away; 

– they increase the functionality of the brain by transporting more oxygen and nutrients towards the head; 

– they influence the correct release of hormones and neurotransmitters, making the mood more stable; 

– they contribute to the strengthening of the immune system; 

– they improve relaxation and sleep quality; 

– they counteract hair loss and make your skin look better, thanks to the blood flow concentrated in the face and head area; 

– they release pressure from the lumbar area, significantly reducing back pain; 

– they help you better your posture, which is bringing the body into correct alignment;

– they help increase muscle strength and endurance; 

– reversing the polarities, they restore the correct energy flow of the body; 

– on a psychological level, they help us work on fears; 

– they favor the detoxification process of the organism. 

Aren’t you curious to see the world from a brand new perspective? 

Curious? Come try out our Feetups, book a free trial class now!

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