Health & physical exercise

Have you ever wondered how physical exercise can affect your health? 

We usually approach physical activities with a specific goal: losing weight, getting in shape, stretching our muscles after a long day of work. Nothing wrong with that! But don’t forget there are a thousand reasons to engage in sports consistently. 

Here are some you might not have thought of: 

Reducing cardiovascular risks: physical exercise strengthens the heart while improving the circulation of oxygen in the bloodstream. This minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases and further complications, and it helps regulate blood pressure. 

Improving mental and physical health and our mood: large quantities of endorphins are released during exercise, which brings us a sense of general well-being and relaxation. This helps us cope with stress and difficulties of everyday life in a more relaxed and mindful way.

Strengthening bones and muscles: constant physical activity prevents bone density’s loss and keeps the muscles strong, avoiding any postural problems and other possible complications.

Reducing the chances of falls: your teacher will surely have made you work on your balance quite often, besides taking care of muscle strengthening! Well, that was surely not only for esthetic reasons: this kind of training gives us the tools to react quickly every time our balance is challenged. 

Reminding us to breathe: how many times do you find yourself holding your breath during the day? This unhealthy habit creates stiffness in the body and tension in the diaphragm, which can cause, among other things, lower back and neck pain.

Still not convinced? Try for yourself! Contact us to book a free trial class in one of our Studios.

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